Mei Aguirre

mei aguirre artista esculturas touched by nature

I am Mei Aguirre, I was born and I live in Barcelona, where I studied Communication Sciences and developed my professional career as an advertiser.

During long periods in the Empordà, I fell in love with its landscapes and its nature, a passion that I inherited from my father, who taught me to admire it in all its details.

On one of my walks along the coves of the l'Empordà coast, I found my first cork detached from a fishing net that the waves had abandoned on the shore of the beach..

There I discovered that the force of nature is a source of beauty that acts, through the action of sea water, wind, saltpeter and the sun, on these imperfect and worn pieces.

I had always had the desire to create something with my ingenuity and creativity and so I began to give them a new life turning them into original and beautiful Touched by Nature totems.


Touched by Nature sculptures follow the Upcycling trend - pieces that place great value on forgotten and about to be extinguished objects - and provide a unique touch of personality and design cinvesting in special and singular elements.

Decorative art sculptures that represent a change in value in our environment, coexisting in diverse, minimalist or rustic settings.

All my collections have been created with pieces of ancient fishing gear, which have been used for years by fishermen, slowly absorbing the essence of the Mediterranean.

The small and attractive coves of the Empordà: Aiguablava, Aiguafreda, Aiguaxelida, Satuna, Sariera, Pedrosa, Fornells and others; that I usually contemplate from the sea or in pleasant walks in them, they give name to my collections.

In my continuous visits along the fishing ports of the Mediterranean, I find old corks from the fishing nets, which I carefully select and retrieve for my sculptures.

No two sculptures are the same, each one represents a challenge that I face with imagination, affection, and emotion, capturing my personal touch in each one of them and that concludes when this selection of textures and colors offers me this special harmony, simplicity and uniqueness that I search.

My sculptures are a tribute to the men of the sea, who have known how to develop fishing gear from ancient times that have remained to this day.

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